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Storage Solutions for Miami Commercial Properties

At All States Rack, our goal is to provide you with an experience that is as beneficial as possible. Equipping you with the tools and storage solutions your Miami business needs to succeed shouldn’t be arduous or complicated. Instead, we offer a simple, streamlined process works for a breadth of clients, including schools, warehouses, and gyms. As a retired U.S. Army logistics specialist, Greg Ramos developed methods and skills that have carried over into the private sector, enabling satisfied customer interactions and increased productivity on site.

All States Rack: Storage Solutions in Miami, FL

We have years of experience in the logistics and facility management industry. First in the U.S. Army, and then in the private sector, we’ve found new and innovative ways to help our clients achieve greater efficiency and performance using an array of tools, including:


We supply a vast array of lockers, in various sizes, for clients of all kinds. We’ve supplied lockers for new school construction, warehouses, and retail employee breakrooms. From ventilated options to closed stainless steel, All States Rack has it all.


We offer boltless rivet and steel shelving options, as well as many others, to commercial and industrial clients who need to get the most out of the space they have.

Lift Equipment

From pallet jacks to pneumatic lifts, All States Rack delivers high-quality, durable lift equipment to clients in need of immediate solutions to their logistics problems.


All States Rack provides Miami-area commercial and industrial clients with a huge array of storage solutions, including mountable bins and packing workstations.

Email Us Today for a Custom Order and On-Site Installation

We offer custom services. If you have an unusually-sized room in need of storage solutions, we can order one to your specifications. We also perform on-site installations. To learn more about All States Rack’s brand of customer service and logistics, email

We Look Forward to Working with You!