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3 Common Pallet Racking Mistakes

Pallet rack safety is crucial to any business or warehouse. Pallet racking is one of the most beneficial ways your warehouse can perform at a consistent, efficient magnitude. While installing shelving and the pallet racks themselves, one aspect of building your current/future business that needs diligent addressing is pallet rack safety. When we think of pallet rack safety, the automatic response is routine inspection; however, sometimes problems can develop–even with the most rigorous inspection.

Poor Inspection

It’s common sense that frequent inspection is a must; but why exactly is it important? OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) are a group that takes many lengths to ensure that your pallet racking meets the appropriate criteria; inspection, and lack thereof, is a given.  Pallet racks should be checked periodically, as damage to the infrastructure can occur. Performing annual inspections is acceptable, but it is not recommended. Rust, corrosion, and natural occurrences can weaken the material of the pallet rack, causing severe damage or death. Not performing a thorough inspection of the plumpness and straightness of the columns can also result in serious consequences.  Overloading can be just as severe as damages and should be considered along with every inspection. Most warehouse collisions are caused by improper loading, leading to a monetary nightmare. It’s important to train workers with the recognition to know the proper techniques of loading.

Improper Design

Pallet racks come in a variety of different designs, but an incorrect planogram can lead to some massive headaches. For example, if you have a smaller warehouse with congestion, a vertical-length pallet racking system might be the logical choice. Having the opposite might pose a problem for you, particularly with the inflow and outflow of inventory.  It’s important to consult with an expert to ensure you execute the proper design, leading to consistent pallet rack safety. FIFO (First In, First Out) will also become your friend. With the right planogram, you will suffer less inventory loss, helping eliminate shrink and other inventory mishaps.

Lack of Future Planning

Along with the right design, planning your future in terms of growth is another common mistake. When purchasing your pallet racking system, investing in longevity can be another great way to save for the future. Most warehouse owners buy with the intent of temporary storage. This in turn leads to purchasing a completely different racking system that can easily be avoided.  Seeing the long-term goal can save you hundreds of dollars. While not necessarily a pallet rack safety concern per se, purchasing incorrectly can lead to serious concern. Buying from a reputable dealer gives you the added security in knowing that down the road when repairs arise, you will have relief knowing repairs will be handled properly.  Pallet rack safety is something you should never neglect. Having a periodic routine of inspection is one of the best ways to combat danger. Your preventative measures can save you money and your employees’ lives.