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4 Tips to Keep Your Business Safe from COVID19

The COVID19 pandemic of 2020 has had an unprecedented impact on modern business. This is the first time in our history that we’ve experienced such a massive shutdown of the global economy when our world moved at such a rapid pace. The loss of human life cannot be ignored, but after several months we now have a better understanding of the associated risks. Here are 4 tips to keep your business safe from COVID19.

Audit your Facility

Auditing your facility is more than ensuring your physical environment is safe. It is a look into the entire workflow of your business. This begins with the identification of high-traffic corridors and touchpoints. In addition, any textiles such as uniforms, cleaning cloths, and floor mops must be laundered. Cleaning products, such as your routine disinfectant and hand soaps may need to be reevaluated and switched for a more intensive, antibacterial solution. Furthermore, items such as paper towels, bathroom sinks, and soap dispenses could be replaced with touchless solutions.

Retrain your Workforce

Maybe “retrain” is a bit of a stretch, but in many cases habits that are sometimes decades old will need to be enhanced or eliminated to ensure your workers are kept safe. It’s easy to skip a step when things get hectic and let discipline slip. In addition, there is the possibility of age and health disparities in your workforce, and varying levels of anxiety among them. Your role as a leader should be taken seriously, both when implementing new protocols and in handling the concerns of your staff.

Avoid Sharing Property

It might seem unfriendly to not share that 11th pen in your drawer. For the time being, the less personal property that’s exchanged the better. Items like cell phones, computer keyboards, mice, chairs, and even coffee mugs could be vectors for illness given the high interpersonal contact each experiences.

Ensure Rules are Properly Established and Followed

Every company, facility, and individual are different. However, there are basic expectations that should be clearly set and placed among your facility and its people. Every employee, administrator, and visitor should be kept abreast of the policies you’ve instituted in your workplace, through human, online, and physically placed guidelines. The more accessible the information is, the more apt people are to follow it.