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Why Wire Decks are a Must for your Pallet Rack System

Wire decking is one of the best bangs for your buck in our entire industry. A simple, grid style overlay that attaches to any matching pallet rack, these wire decks add versatility to everything you choose to do with your facility. The purpose of shelving itself, is to add vertical space to your facility. Therefore, any modification to the existing shelving should be geared towards creating more uses and a safer environment for all. That’s where wire decking comes into play.

Above all, wire decks allow for a safer environment. Wire decks ensure the weight upon the pallet isn’t exclusively balanced on the pallet itself, preventing wear and tear over time. In addition, these wire decks protect from “fall through.” Non-palletized items such as crates, cartons, boxes, and more can be capably stored atop a wire deck without the need for forklifts or palletization. This greatly expands the usefulness of your pallet racking system on its own.

Secondly, wire decking acts as a failsafe in the event a top box or poorly secured palleted load comes undone. In the event a box comes loose and begins to fall, the wire deck may be the last line of defense, whereas without one the best hope is that the box falls between the pallet racks and not into the aisle.

Lastly, solid steel or wooden decking is going away in lieu of these wire decking. Beyond the practicality of storage and load management, wire decking allows sprinklers to pass water through the differing levels. Wire decks meet a plurality of local and fire marshal requirements nationwide, and may even help reduce insurance rates!

From basic practicality, to gravity, to fire, there are few reasons not to add a wire deck to your pallet system today! Facility Supplies has wire decking to match every pallet along with unparalleled customer service. Add one on and watch your facility transform!