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4 ways your company benefits from an eco friendly facility

Oftentimes, especially in old-school industries such as manufacturing and heavy equipment, eco friendly is associated with burdensome regulation and soaring expenses. However, there’s nothing better than a win-win that saves money and does right for our local environment. As technology improves and more industries shift to consider our natural environment, so does the opportunity to leverage ecological renovations to save money along the way! Here are 4 ways your company benefits from an eco friendly facility.

Employ Proper Waste Disposal

So much of our negative contributions to our environment can be remedied with a bit of added attention to waste disposal. This means properly disposing of batteries and other heavy chemical-laden products, ensuring proper cleanup and disposal of engine oil, and most importantly, reusing and up-cycling assets such as pallets, packaging, and much more.

Audit Your Packing Materials

Packing materials are almost always reusable. There is simply no point in tossing the bunched packing paper you receive materials in from your vendors when you could easily repurpose this same material to line your next outgoing shipment. This is one of the biggest win-win’s for warehouse managers as they’ll save on space, time, money, and on their carbon footprint! Simply put, there is no excuse to waste good packaging. This includes boxes, bubble wrap, paper, and more.

Insultate Your HVAC Unit

As a Miami pallet rack company, we know heat and humidity. While there’s not always the perfect solution to summer in South Florida, we all know where our cooling costs wind up. With bay doors constantly opening, high roofs, and drafty spaces, investing a little bit more into the upkeep and efficiency of your HVAC system will at best, save you money and at worst, avert a potential disaster.

Look Into Solar Viability

We won’t act like solar power is the magic cure-all that so many proponents have purported it to be, but as an option to route additional power from the wide rooftops we work under, it’s something that must certainly be investigated. In the Sunshine State especially, there is real incentive to utilize this technology, with our massive swathes of beaming sunlight and powerful but fleeting rainstorms. Speak to your FPL support and local solar contractors to learn more.

We’re ready to help you make your business more effective and efficient! Call us today to learn more.