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Cloud Based Warehouse Management | Why Consider Cloud Based WMS

With the upswing in more things turning toward the digital age, even warehousing and facilities are taking advantage. WMS (Warehouse Management System) is a series of multiple software that can entail security, vendors, and real-time data. One WMS that has existed for a long while and has been growing over time is the cloud-based WMS. Cloud software has the capability to integrate all these systems into one, creating a more accessible interface across the board. Having a cloud-based WMS has a multitude of advantageous abilities, and research anticipates up to 60% of businesses by 2022 will have adopted cloud-based WMS. So, let’s dive into the 3 best reasons to consider this software.

Cost Reduction

We all are looking to saving money. As business owners, money is something we take seriously. There are multitudes of cloud-based software out there to choose from. One characteristic of most is the amount of space you can choose from–depending on your business needs. In short, whatever date you do not use–you will not be charged for. This allows you to have the comfort of mind knowing that your costs will not go up.

Long-term, switching to cloud-based software can open up the potential to save hundreds of thousands of dollars. Security, in particular, runs the risk of having additional hardware added. In addition, with security, most software can easily be integrated into a cloud allowing the providers to perform this task for you. It essentially eliminates the additional stress.


​Your business’ security is probably the most important thing next to sales. Many businesses have their data stolen every day. It’s important to take the necessary precautions and steps to secure vital information. It is a common misnomer among consumers that cloud software runs a potential risk of data breach; however, the facts could not be any more misinformed. A dedication to security and inventory management is especially critical during warehouse relocation.

During data transference, many service providers have an additional encryption on information going back and forth. In addition to that, the option to set role-based options allows the user to check default settings and change anything that risks potential breach. The options of added security provide a useful tool versus the hardware option of some warehouse management.


​As any business owner knows, analytics are data-based results that influence most decisions. With cloud-based software, users have the potential to read data in real-time; that means that you can gain traction when it comes to trends and stay up to date with the competition. Customization of certain types of data also allow you to receive an in-depth analysis into what exactly you need to do to reach a certain number or change up marketing based on trends.

Cloud-based software gives the user the keys to success. Real-time insights can give perspective on customer journeys and give you incentive into providing premier service. These insights will allow you more sale conversions, and more sale conversions mean more profit!