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Alright, you have your pallet rack system all set up. Things are starting to look ship-shape, and every part of the infrastructure itself is honed to perfection. The spacing, height and width allows you optimal spacing, in which inventory is more than accessible. Your business is on the verge of becoming a thriving entity that will run like a well-oiled machine. Except, you forgot one, major thing: pallet rack accessories. Hey, it happens to us all; we get so caught up in ensuring that our pallet racks themselves are integral that we forget the accessorizing. Don’t stress; these 4 pallet rack accessories will point you in the right direction of what you’ll need for your setup.

Wire Shelf Decking

Also known as a “wire shelf” is one of the obvious ways to provide some prime visibility when searching for inventory and inspecting your pallet rack. This pallet rack accessory also comes with a handy loading capacity, giving you some wiggle room to store heavier objects. Note: always ensure that your loads are evenly distributed. Allowing your product to be stored incorrectly can result in failure and giving you an unnecessary headache. Wire shelving also comes in many versatile designs–depending on what your needs is. Pallet rack accessories within themselves are multi-faceted, but wire shelving is one of the best multi-purpose accessories to have.


A strap sounds kind of generic, doesn’t it? Well, in layman’s terms, it’s kind of a basic, but very efficient concept, safety straps do exactly that; they keep your load safe. Safety panels are akin to straps themselves and can also keep inventory from falling, causing injury or death. These pallet rack accessories allow an extra degree of safety. Preventing your employees from harm or death is one of the best things you can do for your business, and your workers will thank you, too!

Pallet Rack Post Protectors

These accessories are the proverbial “horseshoe” to your pallet rack’s post. These have been specifically designed to prevent damage from human error. Operating forklifts in your warehouse can cause many bumps, dings, pings, and bangs against your pallet rack, making your OSHA inspection that more stressful. Post protectors can attach directly to the “foots” your racking system or remain separate. Either way you choose, having these handy can give you the peace of mind you deserve when running operations!

Frame Spacers

These pallet rack accessories prevent your racking system rows from becoming a HUGE disaster. Disproportionate spacing in your pallet racking system can cause malfunctions, inventory loss, and hike up the costs for those aforementioned. Having control–even down to the spacing–is a necessary step into making sure operations run smoothly and efficiently. Not only is spacing important but making sure that your stability is down pat is another reason to have these handy. An unstable workload can also contribute to disastrous scenarios that can, yet again, become easily avoided.

Pallet racking systems that have the appropriate components necessary are arguably the most efficient and reliable. You may think pallet racking accessories can be avoided, but costly repairs, damages, bodily injury, and death can be a risk if not prepared with the right equipment.