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What are the Best Types of Warehouse Shelving?

If there’s anything we’ve learned in the last century, it’s to build up when you can no longer build out. Nowhere does it better than New York City, a testament to the maximization of space above, and below ground. Whether it’s a small storage closet of a sprawling, arena sized warehouse complex, the deft utilization of space up, down, and across is tantamount to the greater success of your operation. 

For a small example, imagine the closet at your home. Your entire wardrobe and aesthetic choices are dictated by the organization and understanding of your storage space. Whether you’re able to reach certain places easily, know your inventory, or react quickly to sudden changes is largely predicated on your ability to consult that space and rely on its organizational quality. The same applies to warehousing at a macro level, and what you choose to store has everything to do with the shelving you choose.

Let’s review 3 of the Best Types of Warehouse Shelving

Pallet Racking

Pallet Racking is the bread and butter of what we do at Facility Supplies, and the most commonly found heavy duty warehouse shelving solution. Pallet racking the safest way to store heavy goods that require the aforementioned wood pallet to rest without movement. Pallet racking systems rely on forklifts for vertical movement and pallet jacks for cross-warehouse transportation.

Pallet Racking can be affordable and easily assembled by qualified professionals, and with the right staff training can be a tremendous asset to your warehouse, even for a smaller operation. While not every facility needs to line its walls and aisles with pallet racking, the versatility in assemblage allows for pallet racking to be quickly raised and removed, providing long term stability and quick setup and takedown.

Rivet Shelving

Rivet shelving appears in several weight classes, able to absorb heavy duty storage needs or provide a simpler solution for cardboard-encased products. Rivet shelving is notable for two key characteristics: it is boltless and relies on a flat shelving surface, rather than a forklift loaded pallet racking system. Rivet shelving can be used for heavier loads, but is best relied upon for its rapid assembly and simple design, giving you the ability to load box by box or by bound pallet. 

Rivet shelving isn’t the first recommendation for forklift-needy, heavyweight reliant companies with products such as car parts, machinery, or other high-load, expensive products. For those looking to stack boxes sky-high without the added responsibility of bolted installations, rivet shelving may be for you.

Cantilever Racking

Cantilever racking can be found in every major home improvement store in America. This type of racking system relies on a strong grounded base and heavy reinforced, outstretched arms. Cantilever shelving is another quick-install, modular system which can be rapidy adapted to fit new size requirements. Due to its particular construction, the cantilever racking system is best used for long, oversized goods such as lumber, piping, plastic board, and more. Cantilever racking is terrific for municipal and infrastructural projects, but is unnecessary for boxed or palletized storage. Due to themassive gap between each arm and shelf, proper goods’ measurement is absolutely key.