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4 Types of Mezzanines and Their Benefits

Mezzanines are intermediate flooring between the main floors of a warehouse. Not to be confused with a loft, the benefits of a mezzanine can be a game-changing strategy in the efficiency of your warehouse. Mezzanines are multi-faceted constructions, with a multitude of beneficial qualities. Before you decide on adding a mezzanine to your warehouse, deciding which type is appropriate for your warehouse can yield the most benefit.

Freestanding Mezzanine

These commonly used mezzanines are an ideal choice for first-time business owners. With open space available below and above the construct, additional storage can be provided. Their reliable support from structural columns provides durability favored in most warehouses. In addition to their reliability, the benefits of this mezzanine also include a painless setup. In a pinch, these are ideal for great maneuverability and can easily be restructured in high-pressure situations. Extra room for space also means extra room for workers. Freestanding mezzanines accommodate the appropriate amount of space; ensuring productivity is reached at a consistent speed.

Rack-Supported Mezzanine

More commonly referred to as a “catwalk,” the benefits of these mezzanines are diverse. As a less-heavy construct, they are THE space saver and allow your business apt organization. Warehouses that did not have access to space or area before, can now extend their manufacturing process–making goal-driven businesses able to produce twice as much. With space above and below the catwalks, flow storage, hand stacked beams and other storage systems are no longer a painstaking process. The adaptability with these unique constructs is aplenty with new ways to improve your warehouse or business.

Shelf-Supported Mezzanine

Picking locations are a must in your new warehouse. With higher-density storage, the benefit of this mezzanine allows shelving-supports that can add new storage space. Shelving-supports can also be constructed in a “deck-over” style, giving employers and employees alike the access to office space, heavy storage, or high-density picking. The organization of this mezzanine can be an appropriate choice for high-inventory warehousing. Inventory accuracy is important when meeting supply and demand. With a construct that allows for room in concentrated space, the additional shelving and platforms give you the tools you need to ensure the numbers are correct.

Full-Mat Mezzanine

The benefits of this mezzanine are tremendous. Acting as a myriad of a free-standing construct and a catwalk, their hybrid adaptability allows the features of both types. They can be installed over existing areas, shelving, or come with a second level of additional storage. Having versatility, these can also be customized to suit your exact specifications. Having a full-mat mezzanine also means that you can relocate with relative ease. Warehouse design can change suddenly; with these constructs in your possession, relocation is fast and easy. A mezzanine can be one of the greatest assets to your new or existing business. The versatility of these constructs is gaining favorability among most warehouse businesses.