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4 Keys to Consider When Buying Used Pallet Racks

Of all the new and used things you can shop for in life, used pallet racks seem like a rather sensible consideration. These large steel structures are interchangeable, easy to breakdown, and durable. However, there is more than meets the eye when it comes to making your choice of used pallet racks. When purchasing pallet racks, regardless of whether new or used, it’s important to take into account size and capacity among several factors, but ensure you check into these 4 keys to making the right used pallet rack purchase.

Check Your Manufacturer

Pallet racks may all look the same, but there are over a dozen individual and non-interchangeable configurations. Ensure you are fully aware of which manufacturers (if more than one) and what configurations are in use at your facility. Even commonly seen varieties of pallet rack, such as teardrop, can have differing configurations from one manufacturer to another.

Understand Your Floor Plan

Warehouses don’t all come in perfect squares with cathedral ceilings. Look into the unused space, the areas in between, the aisles and vertical opportunities not being used by your current configuration. Sometimes a small shift of a single pallet rack can trigger a substantial improvement in overall warehouse maximization. You’d be surprised what you can unlock with a little extra time given to studying your warehousing floor plan.

Search Locally First

Facility Supplies was founded and operated by proud Miami natives, and continues to build its legacy alongside All States Rack as one of the premier used pallet rack companies at a time when construction in South Florida is exploding. Local pickup/delivery is a key to keeping costs manageable, as with anything bulky, freight and loading costs matter greatly.

Consult a Pallet Rack Installer

Facility Supplies is proud to be among the premier Miami pallet rack installers. When it comes to the successful planning, purchase, and delivery of your used pallet racking, working alongside an industry expert is highly recommended. You may have the know-how and personnel to complete on your own, but having a true pallet rack installation done by industry experts goes further, much like anything else you’d refer to an industry expert for.

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