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Deciding on the perfect shelving system can be a daunting task. Choosing the appropriate shelving that corresponds to your type of business can be one of the most important decisions a business owner has to make. Choosing the right shelving system is dependent on a few factors: durability, flexibility, installation, and flowability. With the correct system intact, you can rely on a mainstream flow that will keep you ahead of the curve.

Steel Shelving

Undoubtedly the most common shelving system among warehouses, the durable, reliable characteristics of this popular system will give you exactly what you need. Unlike most, steel shelving can be customized to suit whatever task at hand. Whether it is drawer inserts, clippings, or dividers, steel shelving is a versatile system that absolves its constructors from extraneous stress. This adjustable setup allows specific inventory to fit according to how your warehouse sees fit. If you are need of a unique setup, with a plethora of different items, compression clips (adjustable in smaller increments) can give your business the precision needed to accommodate. Steel’s dense durability is also a favorite choice among business owners. With incessant impact from heavy machinery, steel shelving can maintain daily wear and tear. Cost-efficiency is another determining factor when selecting a shelving system. The dependable design allows a long-term consistency that will keep costs down and budget steady.

Rivet Shelving

Another popular shelving system, this design stacks firmly against traditional steel. Its relatively easy assembly makes this a more practical choice for large-scale warehousing. Along with its seamless assembly, the absence of nuts and bolts allows heavier storage, making your inventory payload double that of traditional steel storage. Rivet shelving also contains a different, unique feature privy to only its design; this shelving design contains the capabilities to act as a structure for a mezzanine. Included in its versatility is its ability to be cut to heights and dimensions with exact precision. Lateral stability provides a superior amount of balance against other popular types of shelving. Balance, strength and versatility make this a popular choice with new business owners.

Wire Shelving

Not the most practical approach to inventory payload, wire shelving can garner its own benefits. Air circulation is one way this design ushers in more than just durability. While better ventilation is a great, this system also allows for greater visibility, giving you an optimal view on where things are.  For a quicker assembly amidst a busy schedule, this may be a good choice. Wire shelving can provide your warehouse fast results. The assembly time is practically cut in half, allowing product to become shelved faster.

Bulk Rack Shelving

The name itself is a misnomer; bulk-rack is a euphemism for storing a large quantity of inventory into tight spaces. While this may not be the most long-term shelving system, it can provide a quick option for storage. Bulk-shelving can also become mobile by applying casters, making maneuvering a plus when moving goods. Bulk-shelving’s boltless personality is also a great asset for smaller warehouses. Its quick and easy assembly can be a terrific asset to your smaller warehouse.

Clipless Shelving

One of the lesser-known variants, but nonetheless important, clipless shelving is a fast, easy, and surprisingly durable option when selecting your shelving system. With an impressive 500–700-pound weight limit, this lightweight among heavyweights can be a good choice for professionals. Made with steel and particleboard, it bores a very industrial resemblance to its wooden shelf cousin. Another clipless shelving system, this design is easy to install and can be moved in a hurry. With a surprisingly good weight capacity and light features, this could be a solution to your warehousing needs. Whatever option you choose, remember to thoroughly assess warehouse space, inventory, and cost.