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Manufacturer Spotlight

We’re proud to partner with Amigo Mobility International as our go-to manufacturer and provider for all things on wheels. Amigo Mobility has a full product line across four major categories: mobility, grocery & retail, hospital, and material handling. Amigo was founded in 1968 by Al Thieme, a skilled plumber and heating contractor in Bridgeport, Michigan, where the company still calls home. After seeing a family member lose their mobility due to Multiple Sclerosis, Al got to work.

A Legacy Of Service

Decades later, Amigo Mobility is one of the global leaders in all forms of motorized personal mobility. Despite having its roots in healthcare, they’ve expanded over the years to provide for multiple purposes – and that’s where we’ve found our partner in material handling. Their leadership team still calls husband and wife Al & Beth Thieme as its chairman and CEO, with much of upper management tracing their history with the company back over multiple decades, another indication of the ongoing success and positive environment.

Material Handling with Amigo

Facility Supplies makes full use of their impressive and robust Material Handling line, including the Dex, Dex Pro, Dex Pro+, Dex HD, and Max Pro platform truck. Each of these powerful machines is known for its substantial battery life and impressive two capacity. The Dex HD, for example, can tow over 2,500 pounds! This, despite an overall physical footprint of 55 inches by 25 inches.

Expanding Your Productivity

These material handling carts increase material movement capacity more than twentyfold compared to the lifting and loading ability of a strong warehouse employee. Beyond expanding material capacity, Amigo Carts mitigate injury risks and minimize worker fatigue, adding two significant dimensions to its already demonstrable value. There is little reason not to consider an investment in one of these mighty machines. Their relationship to space, towing capacity, and overall benefit to worker productivity and safety cannot be understated. Included in our offers are a full line of expansive accessories, allowing to further upgrade the abilities of your Amigo Cart. These accessories include everything from a wire basket and tablet holder, to strobe light and extra trailer.

Visit Amigo online to learn more, or give us a call to discuss these incredible warehouse mobility innovations.