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4 Steps Towards An Eco-Friendly Facility

There has never been a greater time to begin making the shift towards a more earth friendly facility. The past few decades have seen substantially greater attention paid towards the waste, pollution, and carbon footprint in every industry. The heavy industries are no different, and often are in fact, the primary focus of regulators, activists, and politicians. We know there’s only so much each individual business can do at once to limit their contribution to pollution and use of resources, but eco-friendly implementations are often far simpler (and cheaper) to implement. Here are 4 affordable and attainable steps towards an eco-friendly facility you should consider investing in.

Replace Inefficient Light Fixtures

Oftentimes our industries are not renowned for cutting edge light fixtures and modern bulb technology. It’s not the first thing that comes to mind when a foreman rises in the morning, but it matters in so many ways. If there’s one thing more challenging than finding the right ways to invest a limited budget into warehouse upgrades, it’s learning your light fixtures could be costing you big. Lights draw power in twofold ways – by providing the lighting they’re tasked to do, and producing heat. If you’re relying on old-fashioned incandescent bulbs or outdated light fixtures, your warehouse could be losing hundreds of dollars or more in added costs to your power bill.

Choose Greener Custodial Supplies

We understand there are few things more rudimentary to a custodian’s tool chest than turpentine and bleach, but there are so many other ways to reduce your carbon footprint, and with the right decisions, reduce waste. Reevaluating your hand soaps, cleaning sprays, and paper usage to start will lead you towards better prices and less waste.

Install Smart Sockets

Did you know that when you leave an appliance plugged in and off you’re still drawing power? This “Phantom Power” as it’s called can cost you hundreds over time. Think of the many, many things that stay plugged in all night. The office toaster, coffee maker, printers, computers, pencil sharpeners and more draw power even when not in use. Smart sockets cut off phantom power at the source, ensuring these precious scents and dollars stay in your pocket, instead of lost through live wires.

Invest In An Aggressive Preventative Maintenance Planning

Much like diet & exercise prevent massive medical bills as life progresses, the same can be said for your facility. By “aggressive” preventative maintenance, we mean an active, consistent self-audit that looks at your heavy equipment, small appliances, use of space, safety protocols, and beyond. Having a consistent eye on your facility is another way to maintain and build on your greatest investment: your business. There are too many stories of business owners refusing to pay a little up front to repair a key piece of equipment, only to see a core function of their business shut down and the costs soar when negligence leads to greater problems down the road.

Ready to learn more about managing an efficient facility? Contact Ustoday to get started!