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Maximize Your Warehouse Space

  • Organize storage based on product type, vendor, or dimension. Whichever best fits your inventory flow.
  • Always ensure walkways and corridors are clear and safe, and that all areas are well-illuminated and floors kept dry. Oil slicks and concrete floors are a workers’ comp case waiting to happen.
  • Observe unused or underutilized space. Clear it until a proper plan can be devised, then mark it and address when prepared.
  • Audit longstanding items, excess inventory, and potential clearance items. Begin  reforming your shelving by clearing old product and following your sales trends to make more room for what moves.
  • Recognize unneeded items, added inventory, and slow-moving items. Sometimes a clearance sale to open space might be worth the lost margin when considering the freed space and further efficiency.
  • Create an ‘in-and-out’ section to give greater access and visibility to more frequently utilized products.
  • Begin stacking vertically. Start by gathering minimum and maximum widths for each aisle and what type of space you’ll need for machine and human maneuverability. Allow room for full turns, rotations, and for backing out, but don’t leave excess beyond what is necessary.
  • Dial back to your younger years and play Tetris! In many ways warehousing effectively is an exercise in professional Tetris. Checking for items that have designated containers and ensuring those are accurately paired is the first step. From there, knowing the dimensions of your inbound products and available space in advance of importation will ensure accurate & efficient placement.