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Your Quick And Handy Guide To Pallet Rack Accessories

Pallet Racks are the backbone of our industrial economy. Along with forklifts and shipping containers, they are among the most basic rudiments of modern industry. Despite their remarkable strength and efficiency your Pallet Racking system is incomplete without the added protection of these pallet rack accessories. Whether reinforcing your shelving system or increasing storage space and efficiency, these pallet rack accessories are incredibly helpful and should be considered as part of every new racking system you install in your facility.

Post Protectors

They are what their name indicates. Thankfully, pallet racking and facility supplies keeps the name game simple. Post protectors are the veritable shin guards of your pallet racking system. Functioning the same way as the soccer protection, these post protectors line the base of your vertical post, ensuring any dings, bumps, or light impacts are absorbed by these brightly colored and potent steel protection. It’s amazing what a well-forged piece of metal can do to reinforce your pallet rack.

Wall Ties

One of two ways to safely affix your pallet rack installation to your overarching structure, wall ties do just that. They bolt your pallet rack into the wall. The more unified your structure is with the main installations within it, the more ironclad the entire building will become. Wall ties normally have four bolt placements, with a broad steel plate to stamp on the wall. With the right set of concrete tools, your pallet rack system will be that much more secure, knowing its married to the building itself!

Wedge Anchors

This is the other, and no less important accessory to ‘anchor’ your warehouse shelving system with the entire structure. Concrete bolts are the driving force behind the wedge anchor – a device built to drive at an angle into the ground and hold fast, preventing any sway and protecting your pallet racks against potential shift over time. In extreme circumstances, such as major flooding as we are prone to experience during hurricane season in Miami, the wedge anchor could be the saving grace should parts of your external structure sustain major damage, or if the storm surge enters your interior.

Wire Decks

Wire decks are an efficient way to expand the potential of your pallet rack. Wire decks are simple, steel grates which lay over the pallet rack and allow for smaller, non-palletized products to sit atop the rack. Without a wire deck, only palleted goods would fit on the pallet rack. Some lazier and often dangerous warehouse managers would settle for plywood or even steel sheet to mount non-palleted products on their pallet rack. However, these solutions are subject to wear and tear, while additionally do not allow fire prevention systems to pass through and reach from ceiling to floor. Without a wire deck, your pallet racks will slow and divert sprinkler water which may save your materials from a fire.